Monday, August 31, 2020

100 Acres Reserve, Park Orchards.

Always on the lookout for a new walking trail to explore, I often find them right under my nose. That was the case with 100 Acres. 
I'd heard of it. 
Driven past it. 
Talked to people about it. 
Lived near it  for years. 
Eventually, I went there.
And it was lovely.  

Parking at the far end of the Domeney Reserve, we set off up North Boundary Track, following the fence line. This outer track is used for horseriding around 100 Acres, but we didn't see any. The crunch of crisp Autumn leaves on the gravel path made us sound like a group of horses trampling through.

We didn't really stick to a plan when walking; we mostly just meandered around turning left or right as the mood took us.

At High Track, we followed the path to Candelbark Track and Tadpole Dam. A curious Currawong in a tree overlooking the dam was the only bird we saw there.

A big stone seat on the edge of the dam was the perfect spot for a 5 minute rest.

Sun shining on glistening tree sap; the scentl of fresh pine needles; the sound of the Currawong cry -  all made for a good outing in the fresh air. 

And when the trees blow love hearts at you, you know you're in the right place. 

Where: Knees Rd, Park Orchards
When: Daily                                                     
Why: nature, walks
How much: FREE