Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Redwood Forest

Standing silently near the banks of a river, they reach towards the sky. 

a creek by a forest

a creek by a forest

looking up at tall trees

looking up at tall trees

The ground underfoot is a soft carpet of pine needles. The smell of damp earth permeates my nostrils.

forest floor of pine needles

The forest is quiet, apart from a few bird calls. I am tiny in a land of giants.

small person in giant forest

Emerging from the darkness, into the sunlight. A picnic lunch at the edge of a forest. 

clearing at edge of forest

picnic area in forest clearing

Living in unnatural circumstances, connecting with nature is good for mind and body. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Stevensons Falls

With all the waterfalls in the Otway Ranges, we're definitely spoilt for choice. Some of them require an intermediate level of hiking to access, but with 2 kids in tow on our road trips, we only go for the beginner level of 1 hour easy walks.

To get to Stevensons Falls, we had to drive a few kms up a dirt road and over a creek fjord to reach the carpark. Luckily for us, it was dry weather and 2WD vehicle  accessible.

dirt road through forest

creek crossing via fjord

It  was an easy walk to the falls, with plenty to see along the way.

forest walking track

forest walking track under fallen tree
Rainforests and waterways like this creek have such a calming effect, they're the perfect place to be when the world around you is a bit crazy.

creek running through forest


waterfall with fallen  logs

The walk back to the car took us past a picnic area in a clearing and through a forest.

picnic in forest clearing

track across forest clearing

pine forest

We spotted this guy up in the tree and might not have noticed him if it wasn't for the bright blue drink bottle lid in his beak.
I find Bower Birds fascinating, and immediately followed him as he flew down to the ground next to the carpark.
He flew back to the carpark again and found something else blue, which he took back home.

bower bird with blue lid in beak
I looked over the fence and spotted his elaborate bower, with many blue things scattered around the perimeter. He was gathering them to impress the female bowers birds nearby.
We left him to his housekeeping, wishing him luck with his courtship rituals.
bower bird bower nest with blue items

Triplet Falls

On a warm Summer's day, this  1 hour walk through the cool rainforest is a welcome reprieve from the heat of the sun.

dirt track through rainforest

dirt track through rainforest

The walk is comprised of dirt tracks that take you through the midst of lush fern growth,  steep steps that climb into the upper rainforest  and raised boardwalks that protect the delicate forest floor.

steps through rainforest

steps in rainforest walk

boardwalk above rainforest floor

raised boardwalk in rainforest

raised boardwalk in rainforest

The falls can be heard enroute and it is always exciting to catch the first glimpse of them through the trees, before seeing them up closer from a designated viewing site.

lower cascades of waterfall

distant view of waterfalls

waterfall and tree ferns

Giant Mountain Ash reach for the clouds, no longer in danger from logging. Relics from the former sawmill site are slowly being reclaimed by Mother Nature.

very tall Mountain Ash tree

sawmill relics in rainforest

sawmill relics, rusty chain on logging truck

At the end of the walk, we came across a stunning Bower Bird. His glossy blue/black plumage gleaming in the sunshine as he went about his constant search for blue items to decorate his bower.

male Bower Bird on information sign

Monday, August 23, 2021

Carisbrook Falls

Practically on the Great Ocean Road, Carisbrook Falls is just a short 15 minute walk from the carpark. A steep, narrow, sandy track hugs the side of the hill as you travel upwards towards the falls.

narrow sandy track along hillside

Not as close as some of the other waterfalls in the Otways, Carisbrook is still worth having a look.

narrow sandy track along hillside

long waterfall surrounded by bushland

waterfall in bushland

The 50m drop has water cascading down to a creek that flows through the valley below. 

closer view of waterfall

creek at bottom of waterfall

sandy walking track to waterfall
A viewing platform allows views of the falls, but from quite a distance. A nice little hike and worth a look, especially after some decent rain.

Kennett River

We set off up Grey River Road in search of koalas. The sealed road soon turned into gravel as we climbed higher through the eucalyptus forest.

Grey River Road gravel road through forest

Grey River Road gravel road through  forest

One set of eyes on the road, another 3 sets of eyes peeled for furry critters in the tall gum trees either side of the road.

"There's one!"

"No, its a nest."

"I see one!"

"No, it's a branch."

"Is that one?"

"No, it's a bird."

At Grey River Reserve, we stopped for a short walk through the forest. The smell of eucalyptus filled our noses and the sound of birdsongs filled the air. 

A few King Parrots and a Kookaburra, but no Koalas.

kookaburra sitting on ground

We sat down at the Grey River Reserve picnic area, for a drink and a snack. A beautiful, peaceful setting in a clearing, surrounded by dense forest.Feeling a little disappointed that we hadn't spotted a koala, we headed back to the car.

picnic  area in forest clearing

One last look up before getting in the car and there he was. 

koala sitting in tree
Leaving him to his very busy day, we headed back to town. The views on the way back were spectacular, stretching for miles along the coast from the mouth of the Kennett River. 
Next - off chasing waterfalls.

views of coastline

views of coastline

Wye River

Our accommodation at Big 4 Wye River was perfectly located across the road from the beach. A comfy 2 br cabin at the rear of the park, surrounded by trees and a huge jumping pillow across the road.

Wye River

The kids were rapt to have a bounce and  to let out some energy after the car ride.

A lovely little creek ran through the middle of the park, and a couple of duck parents and their 10 bubbas were taking a stroll as the same time as us. 

Wye River

A cockatoo and a kookaburra also dropped by for a mid afternoon drink. 

Wye River

Wye River

An echidna waddled around the property.

Wye River


With so much going on at the park, we had no reason to go anywhere else, but figured we should go for a walk.


The beach stretched away from the mouth of the Wye River, relics of old train lines and jetties, rocks for clambering, ocean treasures washed ashore.

Wye River

Wye River

Wye River

Wye River

Wye River

Surfers chased waves; dogs chased balls; we chased our hats that blew off in the breeze.


Wye River

On the hunter for dinner that evening, a local gardener recommended the pub.


Wye River

Wye River

Wye River
A great meal to end the day. Wye River was making us feel very welcomed. We planned our adventures for the following day and looked forward to exploring this lovely corner of the Surf Coast.