Friday, April 8, 2016

Tooronga Falls, Noojee

The scenery along the drive from Noojee to Tooronga Falls is almost as good as the destination. The road hugs the Tooronga River, as the river snakes its way through lush green farmlands that touch the edge of the forest.
NoojeeThe timber industry the town was built on is still alive and well and these logs were stacked up like pick-up-sticks at the local sawmill.Noojee Timber
Arriving at the carpark, we headed up to the 750m track to Tooronga Falls. The path took us up the hill, past massive boulders and alongside leafy ferns and tall Mountain Ash.
Tooronga Falls, NoojeeSome parts of the track were on even ground, while other sections had rocky steps to climb.
Tooronga Falls, Noojee 
We were so busy chatting and listening for the bird calls, that we barely noticed how many steps we climbed. My legs told me later that it was A LOT OF STEPS.
Tooronga Falls, Noojee
Tooronga Falls, Noojee 
We chose not to take the longer circuit track up to the Ampitheatre Falls, instead we came back on the same track.
Tooronga Falls, Noojee
The sun peeking through the fern fronds gave the whole place a lovely dappled light. The sound of the water rushing by was a nice soundtrack to the walk.
Tooronga Falls, Noojee
I'll do the longer walk next time, when I come back during the cooler months.
Tooronga Falls, Noojee
What: Tooronga Falls, Noojee 
Where:Tooronga Falls Rd
Why: walks, scenery
How Much: FREE 
Nearby:Noojee Town Noojee Trestle Bridge

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