Monday, May 23, 2016

Pipemakers Park, Maribyrnong

We were thrilled to find this lush oasis on the edge of the city, especially when we discovered its wonderful historical side.
Pipemakers Park MaribyrnongBuilt in 1911, it was the biggest pipe factory in Australia, exporting their revolutionary style of pipe to the world. The pipes made here were used for irrigation, drainage and sewerage all around the country, until the business was relocated in 1979.
Pipemakers Park Maribyrnong
There's a Pipe Trail to walk and a bazillion pipes to see. Long pipes, short pipes, big pipes, small pipes...
Pipemakers Park Maribyrnong
...even picnic pipes.

Pipemakers Park MaribyrnongRuins of one of the former factory buildings have been transformed into a wonderful area to explore, the History of Land Garden. Giant mosaics add vibrant colour to the green landscape.

Pipemakers Park Maribyrnong 
The trail took us through a series of gardens with different themes. From the native plants of the Wurundjeri Garden, to the olive trees and concrete pipe archways of the Hume pipeworkers Garden, a tribute to the many Europeans who were employed at the factory.
Pipemakers Park Maribyrnong
The remains of the old railway can still be can the resident Blue-Tongue Lizard, who gave me the fright of my life when I thought he was a snake!
Pipemakers Park Maribyrnong 

An on-site open workshop, Cycle Saloon, for all emergency repairs (DIY) operates most days...
Pipemakers Park Maribyrnong

...and there's also a fixed repair stand along the bike path. Pipemakers Park Maribyrnong

We took a walk along the river to the bridge, for a great view of the mighty Maribyrnong River...
Pipemakers Park Maribyrnong
Pipemakers Park Maribyrnong River...and finished our visit back at the Pipemakers Park Jetty - apparently a good fishing spot. 
There's also  a boat that does cruises up and down here a few days a week. I hope to get back soon to see the parks and buildings from the water.

Pipemakers Park Maribyrnong River 
Where: Van Ness Ave, Maribyrnong
When: Daily
Why: historic buildings
How Much: FREE to walk around 
Nearby: Jack's Magazine

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