Monday, July 25, 2016

Mt Franklin, Hepburn Regional Park

The smell of campfire smoke greeted us as we arrived in the volcanic crater of Mt Franklin. Tents were dotted around the small camping area, with a beautiful backdrop of Conifers.
We set off on the uphill track, as the fragrance in the air changed to the clean, fresh scent of pine needles. 
Mt Franklin, Hepburn 
The terrain varied from wooden steps, to dusty tracks, to grassy roads used by mountain bikes and bushwalkers alike.
Mt Franklin, Hepburn

Mt Franklin, Hepburn
We caught glimpses of mountains through the trees as we climbed...
Mt Franklin, Hepburn
We heard a few birdcalls, but only saw a couple of Kookaburras and no other wildlife apart from this bug.
Mt Franklin, Hepburn
There were plenty of wildflowers around the place, looking all pretty -  but I did like this itty bitty baby pinecone even more... 
Mt Franklin, Hepburn
Mt Franklin, Hepburn And these young trees that looked like they were climbing down the hill with us. Bend those knees, trees.
Mt Franklin, HepburnThe surrounding farmlands in shades of green and gold and brown and the  blue of the nearby hills added a colourful background to the mountain forest.
Mt Franklin, Hepburn
What: Mt Franklin Reserve
Where: Midland Hwy, Hepburn Springs
When: Daily
Why: scenery, camping
How Much: FREE to walk around and explore
Nearby: The Blowhole

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