Luna Park, St Kilda

One of Melbourne's most prominent landmarks, Luna Park gives a cheesy grin to all who pass by its famous entrance on St Kilda's Esplanade.
Last week, we packed the kids in the car and met up with another family of five for a late arvo session of adrenaline pumping fun.
We arrived at 4pm on a warm Summer's day and the queue was about 15 deep at that time. We bought a Family Pass (25% off with the Entertainment Book), fastened our wristbands and set off to navigate the park's rides and games.
Luna Park St Kilda
Scary rides aren't high on my bucket list, but I carefully considered each ride by its terror qualities and made it my mission to at least try a few on the lower end of the scale.

Bypassing the Twin Dragon, I figured the House of Horrors and Ghost Train were more my speed, although the train took some corners like it was being chased by something terrifying. 
I was too scared to look behind 💀
Luna Park St KildaFresh sea air filled our lungs and screams filled our ears. Everywhere you looked, there were people being plummeted, catapulted, spun and turned upside down. Sometimes all at once. And they looked like they were enjoying it.

I recall going to Luna Park with my school, way back when. I decided the Big Dipper was too scary for me then, and opted for the tame sounding Scenic Railway, for a lovely, slow, sedate, scenic ride around the perimeter of the park.
I was wrong. So very, very wrong. 

Anyway, many years later, I hadn't forgotten a second of that ride. So, while the rest of our group chugged up the hills and zoomed into the tunnel at breakneck speed, I stayed with my feet firmly planted on the ground. Well, someone had to mind our belongings...
Luna Park St Kilda

Luna Park St Kilda
The Silly Serpent mini roller coaster was heaps of fun. A few twists and loops on a smooth track made it seems pretty fast.  Sitting on the left, I had no control of my body sliding across the shiny seat and almost ended up in the lap of my friend sitting next to me, every time we made that sharp right bend.
Luna Park St Kilda
Luna Park St KildaAs the sun sank lower, the crowds thinned just a little. We hopped on the Sky Rider Ferris wheel for some magical views over Port Phillip Bay. The neon lights of the rides lit up the park, adding to the fun atmosphere.
Luna Park St Kilda

Luna Park St Kilda
The Scenic Railway carriages were lit with neon blue...
Luna Park St Kilda

...and the Dodgem Cars took on a whole other level of fun in the dark. 

Luna Park St Kilda

We ended our visit with a ride on the century-old carousel, it felt like the beautiful horses were doing a slow canter around the park.
Luna Park St Kilda

Luna Park St Kilda

We exited out the big mouth after a whopping 7 hours visit, exhausted but very, very happy with our adventure. 
Luna Park St Kilda

WhatLuna Park

Where: 18 Lower Esplanade, St Kilda

Why: theme park

When: Daily 11am-11pm during Summer 

How much: varies (Entertainment Book 25% discount )


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