Saturday, February 28, 2015


When I was a kid, my Mum would ALWAYS drag me along to the op-shops she loved to frequent.
To me, shops filled with vintage clothes smelling of mothballs, old musty books and daggy knick-knacks were way down my list of fun places to visit.

How times have changed...
www.rdomelbourne.comI can't visit the supermarket without just popping next door to the oppy for a quick look, a trait I have passed on to our kidlets. 
They've grown up rummaging through toy boxes for a special Spiderman-Barbie-TMNT-Frozen type thing or some cool threads.

Last week, Mr 5 complained that he had outgrown all his shirts and didn't have one to wear to his friend's birthday party. 
"Why haven't you bought me a new shirt, Mum?" 
This week, I found myself in the local Salvos and there they were - 3 shirts in his size AND one was a Spiderman shirt!
In another stroke of fabulous luck, there was a black suit in his size - perfect for his school dance. He'll probably only wear it once and at $15, I thought it was an ok buy - but on half-price-purple-tag-day-Thursday it was only $7.50. Bam!

Books, clothes, coffee paraphernalia are always on my shopping list and recently, a brand spanking new Scanpan frypan (try saying that 3 times) landed in my basket.

What: Opportunity Shops Salvos Vinnies Doncare
Where: Everywhere
When: Monday - Saturday usually.
Why:Re-use, Re-cycle, find a bargain
How Much:Cheap as chips.

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