Friday, August 4, 2017

Panorama Garden Estate, Boneo

Thinking of heading down to the Mornington Peninsula one sunny day, we decided to visit Panorama Garden Estate after discovering them on Instagram. I booked online for the  morning Sanctuary and Garden Tour.
We arrived just before 11 and our car was buzzed through the big ol' iron gates at the start of the sweeping driveway.
Our kids were blown away by the automatic gates opening by themselves and to be honest, we could have turned around and gone home right there and then - they were so happy with our outing so far😊
We were greeted by the lovely AnnMaree and her menagerie of critters great and small, feathered and furry, loud and quiet. She introduced us to the gang - Sylvie the pig, Bullwinkle the calf, Archie the pony, Belvedere the turkey and their numerous paddock pals and told us about the property and the self-guided walk we were doing.
Panorama Garden Estate, Belvedere the Turkey

Panorama Garden Estate,  BoneoWe finished eating our apples and handed the cores over to Sylvie, Archie and this very odd looking pony. 😜
Panorama Garden Estate,  Boneo

Annmaree gave us a map and pointed us off towards the sea. "See you in a couple of hours", we said. And off we went, down the stone steps  of the Orchard Terraces, through the Vineyard and Walled Garden.
Panorama Garden Estate,  Boneo
I could feel someone watching me as I walked and spied a couple of faces peering at me from behind a log. They were part of the property's mob of 6 rare albino kangaroos.
Panorama Garden Estate,  Boneo
Dad was not far away from Mum and Joey.
Panorama Garden Estate,  Boneo
A flurry of flying fur came barreling towards us, before screeching to a halt at my feet. It was the meet and greet crew checking on our progress/hoping for a quick game of fetch with the stick they had brought down with them. How could you refuse these two cuties?
Panorama Garden Estate,  Boneo

At the bottom of garden, the path took us around Palm Lake...
Panorama Garden Estate,  Boneo...where a few golf clubs and balls allowed for a quick swing across the water to a hole on the other side.
Panorama Garden Estate,  BoneoPast the bountiful vegie patch, where even my food nemesis - the brussels sprout - actually looked good. I loathe these little green balls of bitterness so much, I did not even know that they grew in a bunch on a stalk like this. I shall continue to loathe them, despite this momentary distraction.
Panorama Garden Estate,  Boneo

The next section of terraced garden was made for slow wandering. 
For taking time to smell the roses...
Panorama Garden Estate,  Boneo

...for pirouetting in the sunshine...
Panorama Garden Estate,  Boneo...for reading a book on the  lush lawn...
Panorama Garden Estate,  Boneo ...and for stacking rocks under a shady palm.
Panorama Garden Estate,  BoneoFurther up the hill, the views stretch out for days. The Sorrento-Queenscliff Ferry could be seen chugging its way across the water and the dark peaks of the You Yangs were visible as they rose on the other side of the bay.
Panorama Garden Estate,  BoneoA family of 3 Wedge Tailed Eagles soared above us as we walked. 
Panorama Garden Estate,  Boneo

Sculptures along the walk added an artistic touch to the property...
Panorama Garden Estate,  Boneo
...and it was lovely to feel the warm sun on our face and the sea breeze in our hair.
Panorama Garden Estate,  BoneoA hairy coo, some kangaroos, a sensational view...
Panorama Garden Estate,  Boneo...and a game of peek-a-moo with this mum of two.
Panorama Garden Estate,  BoneoThe lovely old timber barns and stone arbors added to the beauty of the place.
Panorama Garden Estate,  Boneo

Panorama Garden Estate,  Boneo

In the cool shade of the Ferny Creek track, we met some interesting inhabitants...
Panorama Garden Estate,  Boneo...and a few more cuddly ones on the way back to the car. 
Panorama Garden Estate,  BoneoI took approximately *5,345 photos on my visit and I'm sure you will do the same. It's a lovely place to spend a couple of hours on your day off. With the changing of the seasons, the gardens will be probably even more vibrant as the Spring blooms come to life.
*not even joking

What: Panorama Garden Estate
Where: Boneo
When: Wed - Sun via online booking
Why: gardens, views
How much: $30

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Wall to Wall StreetArt Festival, Benalla

We visited Benalla last year, just after the Wall to Wall Festival had left town, but it didn't matter too much, as these giant masterpieces on the sides of the town's buildings weren't just there for the weekend - they were now part of the town's landscape.
Wall to Wall StreetArt Festival, BenallaThis year, we made a special trip to Benalla to take part in the festival. Not on a cherry picker with a hundred aerosol cans, but a giant paint-by-numbers project that anyone could participate in - and it was ace!
Renowned artists like Kaff-eine had returned again to add their touch to the town...
Wall to Wall StreetArt Festival, Benalla Kaff-eine

Wall to Wall StreetArt Festival, Benalla Kaff-eine...and Kaff-eine had also painted the outline of these prancing unicorns, for the public to colour. 6 tins of paint, 6 brushes and a few hundred punters of all ages lined up to try their hand at some street art, Benalla Style.
Wall to Wall StreetArt Festival, Benalla Kaff-eineWe chose our colours, grabbed our brushes and set to work. 
Wall to Wall StreetArt Festival, BenallaOpting for white, hot pink and a light turquoise, our chosen sections were brushed with careful strokes...
Wall to Wall StreetArt Festival, Benalla ...and steady hands.
Wall to Wall StreetArt Festival, Benalla

Suitably chuffed at our masterpiece, we then wandered around town, watching as the real artists turned plain brick walls into incredibly lifelike portraits, cool animations and breathtakingly beautiful designs.
Some of the artists are just starting out and others are known for their work all over the world. They get to work on the most incredible projects and in amazing locations.
Wall to Wall StreetArt Festival, Benalla Stencils and aerosols - the tools of the trade.
Wall to Wall StreetArt Festival, BenallaLadders and scaffolding - the work benches.
Wall to Wall StreetArt Festival, Benalla

Such a cool gig! For mere mortals like myself, who are happy enough to colour in the numbered sections of such masterpieces, or stand back and admire the rest, it's pretty darn good just doing that. 
The art is on display all over town, including the library and the skate park. I didn't get to see those in person, so now I have another reason to visit beautiful Benalla again.

Wall to Wall StreetArt Festival, Benalla

Where: Benalla  
When: Daily 
Why: public art 
How Much: FREE to walk around and explore
Nearby: Goorambat Uniting Church  Winton Wetlands

Goorambat Uniting Church

In a quiet little town...
Goorambat Uniting Church a quiet little church...
Goorambat StreetArt might expect to see a few icons, maybe some stained glass.
Goorambat StreetArt Adnate
You wouldn't expect to find a huge mural, painted by one of Australia's best street artists, Adnate - but there it is. 
Goorambat Uniting Church
The entire back wall of the church has been transformed into a stunning portrait of a biblical figure, Sophia and a white dove.
Goorambat Uniting Church
The details in the portrait are amazing, the colours so rich and vibrant. The small congregation that meets once a month sure have the prettiest church around.
The mural was painted over a few days, during this year's Wall to Wall Festival. Not just limited to Benalla this year, the street art now reaches further afield to places like Goorambat and Winton Wetlands, giving visitors a greater region to explore when in the area.
Goorambat Uniting Church

What: Gooramabat Uniting Church
Where: 97 Halls Rd, Goorambat
When: Weekends 9am-5pm
Why: street art
How much: FREE to visit

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Winton Wetlands Landscape Art

Our first visit to Winton Wetlands was on a day of torrential rain and after getting drenched twice, we decided to cut our visit short. This time, there was a few showers around, but not enough to dampen our spirits and we headed a little further around this amazing site. 
Winton Wetlands

Along Boggy Bridge Rd, we sighted the first of the Landscape Art on this journey. Along both sides of the road, artist Tim Bowtell's fish are painted in sections across a row of trees, creating a full view of the colourful fish as you approach them.
Winton Wetlands
The wetlands are a significant hotspot for birdwatching and there is a list of what species have been sighted here on the EBird Australia site. 
Signposts along the road informed us that the local brown falcons were around, and sure enough, they showed up right on cue. A pair of white-bellied sea eagles had also returned for the winter, but we didn't see them, unfortunately.
Winton Wetlands Brown FalconA little further along Boggy Bridge Rd, at a t-intersection,  we stopped at the water tank that Guido Van Helten had painted as part of the 2016 Wall to Wall Festival.
The CFA use the water tank for fire fighting purposes and the trio of faces are local CFA volunteers.
Winton Wetlands Landscape Art Guido Van Helten 

Winton Wetlands Landscape Art Guido Van Helten

Winton Wetlands Landscape Art Guido Van Helten

Another raptor watched us, but I'm not sure if it was the same bird or a completely different species.
Winton Wetlands  Nankeen KestrelAnother turn off, this time towards the centre of the site and Lunette Lookout. This area features the Hilda Bain portrait. We later found out that we could go through the gated fence to the lookout and see the long necked turtle sculpture. Next time.
Winton Wetlands Street Art

This little guy scurried up the tree as we drove along the road. He jumped in his hollow, but then popped his head out immediately for a look at us, safe in the knowledge he was out of harm's way in his home.
We're looking forward to bringing our bikes next time, and exploring the site at a slower pace, and hopefully spotting more wildlife on our ride.
Winton Wetlands wildlife
An easy exit from the park, over these cool looking train tracks and onto the Hume for our  homeward journey.
Winton Wetlands Street Art

What: Winton Wetlands
Lake Mokoan Road, Chesney Vale  
When: Daily 9-5
Why: Lake, walks, wildlife, art
How much: FREE to explore

Nearby: Winton Wetlands Goorambat Uniting Church