Thursday, June 9, 2016

Winton Wetlands

Halfway between Benalla and Glenrowan, the Winton Wetlands is a sight to behold, even on a grey Winter's day.
Winton Wetlands
Farms were purchased by the government in 1971 and the area was turned into an irrigation supply, Lake Mokoan. In 2004, the lake was then turned into wetlands and is now the largest wetlands restoration project in the Southern Hemisphere.
Winton Wetlands
A very wet day when we arrived, we put on our rain gear and set off on a short walk around the place. We weren't going to let the weather 'dampen our spirits' (see what I did there?)
We parked at the Mokoan Hub and wandered the nearby tracks, suitable for both walking and cycling.
We got drenched, but that's half the fun of an outdoor adventure, right?
Winton Wetlands
The mist had settled over the ground and through the dead trees, creating an eerie background to the area.

Winton Wetlands
Back in the car, we drove down the road a bit to Boggy Bridge Rd, where these colourful pallets were set up either side of the entrance.
Winton WetlandsI'm not sure if there is actually a bridge, but it certainly looked like the boggy part was possible, so we stopped at the cows on a barge.
Winton Wetlands
You heard me right, cows on a barge. Big, bright and beautiful cows on a barge. Part of a local street art project and a wonderful surprise to come across.

Apart from a few lorikeets, these cows were the only wildlife we saw, but I don't blame the resident fauna for taking shelter somewhere cosy in weather like this.
The wetlands are home to over 180 species of birds, including many birds of prey, so we'll definitely return later in the year to have another look.
Winton Wetlands
What:Winton Wetlands 

Where: Winton
When: Daily 
Why: wildlife, walks
How Much: FREE to walk around and explore
Nearby: Benalla Street Art

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