Monday, September 5, 2016

Maryborough Historic Buildings Part 2

We parked at McLandress Square, where we were surrounded by a trio of beautiful old buildings.
The Court House, built in 1893 in the Free Classical style and still in use as a Magistrates' Court, features arches, balustrades and bluestone sourced from Castlemaine.
Maryborough Historic BuildingsThe Post Office has a clock tower and adjacent War Memorial.
Maryborough Historic BuildingsThe Town Hall, built in 1887 and in similar style to the Court House. The architect, George Johnson, also designed Town Halls in Nth Melbourne, Collingwood, Northcote, Fitzroy, Daylesford and Kyneton.
Maryborough Historic BuildingsThe former Fire Station, built in 1861, is now home to the Central Goldfields Art Gallery.
On the next corner, the Edwardian Baroque Bull and Mouth Hotel,  rebuilt in 1904...Maryborough Historic Buildings 
...and on the opposite corner, the 1926 AMP Building with its sculpted figures overlooking the High St. 
Maryborough Historic BuildingsFurther along, Mandeville's Coffee Palace sits alongside the Paramount Theatre.
Maryborough Historic BuildingsThere was many, many, many more lovely old buildings to see, but I caught sight of this bookshop and this building was the only one I had eyes for from that point on.
Maryborough Historic Buildings
Maryborough Historic Buildings
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