Monday, July 16, 2018

Old dog, new trick - Part 2. Tennis, anyone?

So, learning to swim wasn't the only new trick this old dog has been learning.
My kids had swimming lessons, so I took swimming lessons.
Then, they started playing tennis  - so after a few weeks, I thought that it looked like fun and I signed myself up in an Adult Beginners' group. 

Anything they do, I'm determined to be fit and healthy enough to keep up with them. 
Gosh, I hope they never take up skydiving or tightrope walking...😱😂

tennis lessons

I'd only played tennis a few times previously and I knew I was totally rubbish at it, but off I went to my weekly lesson. At each lesson, my coach (who is also my kids' coach) would teach our group of 4 ladies the very basics of motion and technique; how to stand; how to hold the racquet; how to move around the court. Eventually, his instructions started to sink in. Our little group would practice serving, volleys, slams, games, sets and matches.

doncaster tennis cub

Some days, I'd hit the ball like a pro. Other days, my eyes, my arms, my legs and my brain all failed to communicate the aim of the game and the ball would sail past my racquet.
I didn't know if I was playing badminton or cricket, as I'd rush to hit an airborne ball on the full, or whack it down low with my backhand.

doncaster tennis clubI joined the Tennis Club soon after my first lesson, determined to get some extra time on the court and now practice my Serena Williams serves and Venus Williams volleys a couple of times a week 😝. 
Rain, hail or shine - I jump at the chance to have a hit with a friend, or my family members. Every time I play, I manage to get a couple of good shots in and totally surprise myself with my prowess. And then, I'd accidentally hit the ball 3 courts over and confuse all the other players around.  I might even join the Ladies Social games one day, but I won't be playing at Wimbledon anytime soon. 
doncaster tennis club

I'm loving chasing that little green ball around the court and have found it's a great way to get exercise in the fresh air and make new friends. My family are encouraging my crazy new activity and even bought me tubes of tennis balls and a new racquet for Mother's Day.
Who needs chocolates and flowers, eh?

What: Slamin Tennis Coaching
Where: Doncaster Tennis Club
When: whenever you have time
Why: fun and exercise
How muchvaries 

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