Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Carisbrook Log Gaol

A tiny town in the Central Goldfields region near Maryborough, Carisbrook is small in size, but big in history. 
Loads of beautiful old buildings made of bluestone and timber, colourful gardens and a nice walking trail along the creek.
We parked the car and set off on a walking tour of the town, with a map from the Visitor Centre.
Carisbrook Log GaolCarisbrook Log Gaol

Carisbrook Log GaolThe main building we wanted to see was the old Log Gaol. Built in 1852 in a nearby paddock, it was later moved to its current site. Made of horizontally placed logs interlocked together, the gaol is in its original state, apart from a replacement roof.
Carisbrook Log GaolCarisbrook Log Gaol 
 Inside, information board and photographs detail the gaol's history...

Carisbrook Log Gaol
...and a former guest left his mark in 1860. 
I read somewhere that another guest from that era, George the ghost, still visits the gaol from time to time, but I chose not to hang around and meet him!
Carisbrook Log Gaol
Behind the gaol, a gravel path follows the creek to Bland Reserve. It was a nice walk under the shady trees, with lots of birdlife to see and maybe a platypus if you're lucky.
Carisbrook Log Gaol
Back in the main part of town, we came upon a fantastic opshop. Housed in a 1924 weatherboard building once used by the local land agent/auctioneer, we found bargains galore. My 8yo daughter had been nagging me relentlessly for months to buy her first pair of heels.
When she came running out of one of the rooms with a pair of shiny, sparkly, silver strappy wedges - in her perfect size and for the grand sum of 50c - how could I possibly refuse?
Thanks, Carisbrook!
Carisbrook Log Gaol

What: Carisbrook Log Gaol
Where: Bucknall St, Carisbrook
When: Daily
Why: history
How Much: FREE to walk around and explore the town

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