Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Royal Exhibition Building

A quick walk down LaTrobe St and I was at Carlton Gardens.
Royal Exhibition Building

Royal Exhibition BuildingThe Royal Exhibition Buildings were almost glowing in the sunlight. I joined the 2pm tour at the front desk of the Museum, then we walked over to the grand old building next door.
After being used to the hustle and bustle of trade shows inside, both as an exhibitor and visitor, it was a vastly different experience being here when the building is empty.
Royal Exhibition Building
The ceiling seemed higher...
Royal Exhibition Building...the windows lighter...

Royal Exhibition BuildingRoyal Exhibition Building...the colours brighter than I remembered from my previous visits.
Royal Exhibition BuildingRoyal Exhibition BuildingThe tour lasted about 45 minutes and our guide told us about the history of the building, events that have taken place over the years and stories of things that go bump in the night.
And then something went bump in the day. 
Right behind us. 
And that's when I ran screaming from the building like George Costanza in The Fire episode And that was the end of the tour and we exited out into the sunshine.
Royal Exhibition BuildingI really enjoyed this tour, as the REB is one of my favourite buildings in Melbourne. At $10 it was a reasonable price, and added with the cheap $5 carpark I found on Victoria St, it meant that I had a fantastic day out in the city for a total cost of $15. 
Highly recommended.

Royal Exhibition Building

What: Royal Exhibition Building Tour
Nicholson St, Carlton
When: 2:00pm daily
Why: historic building, architecture
How Much: $10
State Library of Victoria  St Patrick's Cathedral
Grab a coffee at: 65 Degrees

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