Monday, October 10, 2016

Edendale Farm, Eltham

A School Holiday outing had us taking a Farm Tour of the wonderful Edendale Community Farm for our first visit.
Edendale Farm, Eltham

The Visitor Centre has a few critters on display, like Bob the Turtle, Spiny Leaf insects, a Bee display and this Blue Tongue Lizard duo enjoying a solarium.
Edendale Farm,  Blue Tongue Lizard
We'd arrived early and had the opportunity to explore the grounds on our own, starting with the Indigenous Plant Nursery.
Edendale Farm, ElthamThe Nursery produces over 100,000 plants each year, grown from locally sourced seeds and plant cuttings and used to revegetate the parks and reserves in the area.  A range of plants and gardening accessories are for sale, including worm farms and compost bins.
Edendale Farm, Eltham
The farm promotes sustainable land practices and holds gardening workshops, as well as community events like the Practically Green Festival in October and the Home Harvest Feastival in February.
The historic homestead on site, built in 1896,  was closed at the time of our visit, but there are some interior images here.
Edendale Farm, Eltham

Artworks on the walls, made from recycled materials, depict the beautiful Eltham Copper Butterfly and its amazing relationship with ants.
Edendale Farm, ElthamEdendale Farm, ElthamWe patted some of the many animals around the grounds, including Simba the Pony...
Edendale Farm, Eltham

...Taffy the Jersey Calf...
Edendale Farm, Eltham...and a bunch of crazy kids.
Edendale Farm, Eltham
Pilgrim Geese honked and hissed hello as we walked by...
Edendale Farm, Eltham Pilgrim Geese ...and feather-footed Belgian D'Uccles bantams with names like Fluffy Pants strutted their stuff around the chicken enclosure.
Edendale Farm, Belgian D-Uccles bantamsWhat:Edendale Community Farm 
Where: 30 Gastons Rd, Eltham 
When: Daily 9:30-4:30 
Why: environment, farm 
How much: FREE to walk around (gold coin donation welcomed)
Nearby: Montsalvat, Eltham

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