Thursday, October 13, 2016

Geelong Botanic Gardens

A pitstop on our drive back from Torquay one Wintry Sunday led us to the Geelong Botanic Gardens to stretch our legs before heading home to Melbourne.
Geelong Botanic Gardens

We wandered through the cool shade of the fernery, where the leaves hung heavy with the morning rain...
Geelong Botanic Gardens

...and the waterfall's cascade could be heard along the track.
Geelong Botanic Gardens

Patches of rain fell as we wandered around, making the vibrant colours of the plants and foliage come alive.
Geelong Botanic GardensGeelong Botanic Gardens
The 1890's Traill Fountain was brought to the gardens in 1912, from its original site in Market Square.
Geelong Botanic Gardens The gazebo holds a range of Pelargoniums, grown by the Friends of the Gardens. Their nursery is open on Wednesday mornings for plant sales and at various times throughout the year. The pretty colours of the Geranium flowers brightened an otherwise grey day.
Geelong Botanic GardensThe Temperate Garden has a beautiful sculptural display of bronze cranes and a significant tree, a huge Maidenhair Tree (Ginkgo Biloba) planted here in 1859.
Geelong Botanic GardensA vegetable garden sits on a sloping section, overlooking the Pit Glass House, which was built around the 1860's and is a half basement design building.
Geelong Botanic Gardens
The gardens feature plants and trees from all over the world, including  Giant Redwood, Black Walnut, Kauri Pine, Bunya Pine, Spotted Gum and Copper Beech.
Geelong Botanic Gardens
 ...and this one, whose eyes seemed to follow me around the gardens.
Geelong Botanic Gardens
We ended our walk at the 21st Century Garden, where the lush green of the previous gardens gave way to the dry soil of the desert area. Cacti, bottle trees, and other plants from arid zones in Australia, South America and Africa are no doubt looking forward to the warmer months ahead.
So am I.
Geelong Botanic Gardens
What:Geelong Botanic Gardens
Eastern Park Circuit
When: Daily 8am - 7pm Summer (closes at 5pm in Winter)
Why: gardens
How much: FREE

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