Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ezard at Levantine Hill, Coldstream

"Bring the chopper 'round, Jeeves - I want to go to out for lunch!"
My pilot landed out the back of my house in the 'burbs, and whisked me off to a fabulous lunch in the Yarra Valley.
Ezard at Levantine Hill,  Coldstream
Not really, but some folks possibly do arrive that way.
However you get there, the architecture of the buildings and the views of the surrounding hills are still the same.
I loved the light filled restaurant. All that glass and timber...
Ezard at Levantine Hill,  Coldstream...but it's the food that blew my mind. Fantastic!

Ezard at Levantine Hill,  ColdstreamTruffled mac `n cheese croquettes, spiced mayonnaise.  A nice, tasty starter. Who doesn't love mac'n'cheese, right?

Ezard at Levantine Hill,  Coldstream
Prawn linguine, tomato, parsley, capers, lemon. Amazing light pasta dish, with perfectly plump and juicy prawns.

Ezard at Levantine Hill,  ColdstreamSlow cooked spring lamb neck, smoked Paris mash. The dish that did most of the mind-blowing. That lamb - omg. I just touched it with the fork and it fell into a pile of soft, tender, deliciousness that melted in my mouth. The Paris Mash was light and fluffy - like a potato mousse. The perfect accompaniment to the lamb. I am pretty sure I will order that dish each time I visit.

We wandered around the grounds after lunch, admiring the Kitchen Garden beds, full of vegies, herbs and flowers...

Ezard at Levantine Hill,  Coldstream

...and strawberry fields forever.
Ezard at Levantine Hill,  Coldstream 
Native plants... 
Ezard at Levantine Hill,  Coldstream

...and beautiful sculptures.
Ezard at Levantine Hill,  Coldstream

After such a busy day, starting with gin tasting before lunch and now a very full belly of Teage Ezard's incredible dishes and Levantine Hill Estate's sauvignon blanc semillon, I felt a little like this lady. No time for a nanna nap, so we headed on home.

Ezard at Levantine Hill,  Coldstream
Where: 882 Maroondah Highway (Entrance via Hill Road) Coldstream
When: 11am to 6pm Monday, Wednesday to Friday, 11am to 6pm Saturday & Sunday       
Why: wining and dining
How much: Prices vary (Entertainment Book discount) 

Nearby: Four Pillars Gin Distillery, Healesville

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