Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve

Turning off the South Gippsland Hwy at Toora, we headed up past the giant wind turbines and towards the Strzelecki Ranges.
Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve
Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve
The rolling green hills, usually the greenest of green,  were a shade of late Summer gold on the day of our visit, but still very picturesque.

Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve

Dairy farms are big business around here and hundreds of black and white cows dotted the hills.
Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve
These bovine beauties looked like they were living the good life in their little patch of paradise.Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve

A short walk from the carpark, an easy trail led us to a viewing area of Agnes Falls, the highest single span falls in Victoria. We could hear the cascades as we walked, and caught glimpses of the waterfall through the trees.
Agnes Falls Scenic ReserveThe water flows down the side of the Strzeleckis and into the Agnes River. At the time of our visit, it cascaded heavily in sections and lighter in others. It would look even more amazing in the cooler months, with all the extra rain flowing through.

Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve

It was too long to capture the entire 59 metre fall in one photo, you'll just have to tilt your head -> that way to imagine its height :P
Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve

A lovely picnic area by the river was the perfect spot to have a snack and a drink, before heading off on our next adventure.
Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve

What: Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve
Where: via Silcocks Hill Rd, near Toora 
When: Daily
Why: waterfall
How much: FREE


  1. Thankyou so much for this wonderful account of your visit, and for the excellent promotion! We just love our Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve! For more photos, and up-to-date news, check out the "Friends of Agnes Falls" facebook page!

    1. Hi Kathy, Thanks - I will! We loved our visit to Agnes Falls and look forward to seeing it again one day. Your group does a fantastic job of looking after the place.