Sunday, July 16, 2017


Visiting Nagambie for the first time, we took a stroll up and down the main street of town to check out the shops and historic buildings.

This gate was on the side of a huge building, which appeared to be no longer occupied...

...apart from these feathered squatters.
Nagambie Lakes

This rustic timber door caught my eye, a nice contrast with the brick and various tiles.
Nagambie Lakes 

The ivy covering the old water tower looks like it is winning the battle - I think the tower would look pretty cool completely covered by the green foliage.
Nagambie water tower

A wooden boardwalk around the lake looks like a nice way to spend an hour or so. We didn't have time to do the walk, but plan on a return visit to explore the lake, the dam and the river.
Nagambie Lake Boardwalk A huge flock of corellas circled the lake, landing momentarily in a tree on the shoreline, before heading to the skies again like a big noisy cloud.
 Lake Nagambie A Bunya Pine tree on the water's edge had an unusually large bare section in the middle, as did the other trees nearby.
 Lake NagambieOn closer inspection, the reason for the bare branches was revealed. These guys looked like butter wouldn't melt in their (beak) mouth, but the destruction they cause is evident.
 Lake Nagambie 
The lakeside sculptures added to the beautiful scenery, like this pelican...
 Lake Nagambie...and Nagambie's famous racehorse, Black Caviar.

 Lake Nagambie
Leaving town, we headed off to visit some local wineries, following the Black Caviar Trail along the back roads. 
Nagambie Black Caviar Trail
Nagambie is the Horse Capital of Victoria, with just about every property featuring statues of horses, or real life thoroughbreds like this handsome boy.
Nagambie Black Caviar Trail

We stopped for a look at Chinamans Bridge, the historic timber bridge built around  the 1890's. It was one of the earliest timber road bridges in Victoria and had a lift span section that allowed boats to travel along the Goulburn River. 
Nagambie Chinamans Bridge
A small tinny motored under while I took photos, adding some nice little waves to my pic.

Nagambie Chinamans Bridge
We continued meandering around for a bit longer before arriving at our next stop - Tahbilk Winery.

What: Nagambie Lakes District
Where: Nagambie
When: Daily
Why: Lake, walks
How much: FREE to explore

Nearby: Tahbilk Winery  Mitchelton Winery

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