Saturday, April 18, 2015

For the Peli-fans, San Remo

Like most people who read Storm Boy and fell in love with Mr Percival and his Peli-pals, I love seeing these beautiful big birds in the wild. 
Pelicans San Remo
We planned our visit to Phillip Island to coincide with the pelican feeding at San Remo.
The San Remo Fishermans Co-Op feed the pelicans each day at midday, with around 30 of the birds stopping by for lunch. The feeding lasts about 45 mins, with the fisherman giving a talk about the pelicans during the feed. (The pelicans are wild and are not to be touched.)
Pelicans San Remo
This guy had fun flapping that fish around in his bill until he finally managed to get it into position to swallow it - much to the envy of his friend.
Pelicans San RemoPelicans San Remo

Once the fish bucket is empty, the pelicans start to head back out into the water. As they reach the water's edge, their wings lift - like when you get into the cold water and you lift your arms up in the air, because the water is too cold. 
I imagine the others are saying "the water's beautiful, once you're in"...
Pelicans San Remo

This guy didn't look convinced...
Pelicans San RemoPelicans San Remo
 Once the pelicans are gone, it's time for some fish'n'chips for the humans. 
* the seagulls do not sail off gracefully into the sea - mind your chips.
Pelicans San Remo
Where: San Remo Fishermans Co-Op
When: Daily at midday.
Why: pelicans
How Much: FREE to watch the pelicans (donations welcome)

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