Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Buchan to Marlo Scenic Drive

After spending nearly the whole day exploring Buchan Caves, we hit the road in the late afternoon sun and headed for Marlo. The scenery was stunning, with plenty to look at as we travelled the one hour journey, via the Buchan-Orbost Rd, following the Snowy River down to the sea. 

Blue skies...
Buchan, Gippsland
 Green hills...
Buchan, Gippsland
Rusty-roofed farm sheds...
Buchan, Gippsland

 Cows chillin' by the side of the road...
Buchan, Gippsland
We headed off the main road and took a dirt road towards Orbost. It took us through bushland, where a Lyrebird sprinted across the road in front of us - like Wile E Coyote was chasing him with some kind of ACME weapon. 
No time for a photo.
Meep. Meep. 

Orbost, Gippsland
We came out the other side to lush farmland on the Snowy River flats. It looks like a great place to go cycling, too. 

*must remember to bring bikes next time.
**Also, makes note to stop in Orbost next time. 

The road into Marlo hugged the mighty Snowy River as it completed its journey down from high on the slopes of Mt Kosciuszko. The river was teeming with birdlife getting ready for bed.
Marlo, GippslandMeanwhile in Marlo, some local fisherman were catching Bream from the Jetty. Not these guys. Other locals. 
Snowy River Marlo, Gippsland
This guy landed on the water like an A380, before sailing off into the sunset.
Marlo, Gippsland
We set off again, just as the sky was turning pink - hoping to visit again soon.
Snowy River Marlo, Gippsland
I found this site, Orbost Bike Rides, when searching for the name of the road we were on. Lots of different rides and distances - a good place to start when we return. 
With bikes.

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