Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sunrise Walk, Lakes Entrance

Yeah, I know, holidays and RDO's and days off are for sleeping in, but every now and then you have to wake up early and catch a sunrise somewhere.

So we got up at some ridiculous hour, headed for the nearest hill (Seaview Parade) and greeted the sun as it arrived in Lakes Entrance.

In front of us was The Entrance, Bullock Island and 90 Mile Beach.
To our left, the North Arm, with the sun's rays just starting to reach the boats at the jetty.
To our right, the waterways surrounding Rigby and Flannagan Islands, stretching towards Metung.
This historic tree was used as a lookout for many years, when The Entrance was opened in 1889.
From the hill, we quickly headed down to the Esplanade as the sun lit up Cunninghame Arm. The footbridge provides a link from the Esplanade to the beach.

Just one set of footprints on the sand before we arrived, it was great to be on the clean beach inhaling that salty air - before we'd even had breakfast.

 Oh, look, another photo of a Pelican. Now how did that end up here...?
Back over to the Esplanade, for a walk along the waterfront.

A collection of sculptures line the foreshore. Carved from the tree stumps of Monterey Cypress trees planted in 1924, they represent wartime Australians.

We finished our walk with a big appetite and headed back to our accommodation for a well-earned breakfast. 
Totally worth getting up with the sparrows. 

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