Sunday, July 23, 2017

Goorambat Uniting Church

In a quiet little town...
Goorambat Uniting Church a quiet little church...
Goorambat StreetArt might expect to see a few icons, maybe some stained glass.
Goorambat StreetArt Adnate
You wouldn't expect to find a huge mural, painted by one of Australia's best street artists, Adnate - but there it is. 
Goorambat Uniting Church
The entire back wall of the church has been transformed into a stunning portrait of a biblical figure, Sophia and a white dove.
Goorambat Uniting Church
The details in the portrait are amazing, the colours so rich and vibrant. The small congregation that meets once a month sure have the prettiest church around.
The mural was painted over a few days, during this year's Wall to Wall Festival. Not just limited to Benalla this year, the street art now reaches further afield to places like Goorambat and Winton Wetlands, giving visitors a greater region to explore when in the area.
Goorambat Uniting Church

What: Gooramabat Uniting Church
Where: 97 Halls Rd, Goorambat
When: Weekends 9am-5pm
Why: street art
How much: FREE to visit

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