Friday, March 3, 2017

The colours of Warracknabeal

I was going to write a post about the gorgeous buildings I saw in Warracknabeal, but upon loading the photos to this blog - the rainbow of colours jumped out at me and I decided to let the photos tell the story.
Here is the colours of Warracknabeal...

Red - the  letter box attached to a gate. A little faded, a little neglected, but still just a little bit glamorous.

Blue - the pale pastel blue of the Dal Monte building.
Warracknabeal historic buildings
Pink - the glorious Pink Palace of Warracknabeal, the Palace Hotel (currently for sale)
Warracknabeal historic buildingsBrown - the grand English Domestic Revival style Post office.Warracknabeal historic buildings

Green - the wonderful community garden and all that it contains.
Warracknabeal historic buildingsYellow - this glorious sunflower.Warracknabeal historic buildings 

White - the former Bank of New South WalesWarracknabeal historic buildings

Rust -  the rust red bricks of the former State Savings Bank.
Warracknabeal historic buildings

Orange - the Moderne style Town Hall.
Warracknabeal historic buildings

Where: Scott St
When: Daily      
Why: historical buildings, architecture
How much: FREE

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