Monday, May 4, 2015

Andy Warhol's Jewish Geniuses - Jewish Museum of Australia, St Kilda

Jewish Geniuses is a series of 10 portraits of high profile Jewish political leaders, writers, artists, actors, scientists and other cool people of the 20th Century - coupled with the reasons behind Andy choosing these particular celebrities.

Jewish Museum St Kilda
From Golda Meir, to Albert Einstein, the exhibition showcases Warhol's screen prints of these famous folk.
Other works include pieces provided by the NGV and some private lenders. Elizabeth Taylor and Elvis Presley adorn the walls, along with a Campbell's Soup Can - signed by Warhol.

Jewish Museum St Kilda
Jewish Museum St Kilda

Jewish Museum St Kilda
I sat and watched the 4 video screens for some time, as on one of them, a favourite singer of mine, Deborah Harry, was photographed at the launch of the Commodore Amiga in 1985. The photo was put on a disk and a program used to paint her image. Groundbreaking technology meets Pop Art.
Headphones allow you to listen to the audio commentary from each screen, such as clips from his cable TV shows.

Jewish Museum St Kilda
Silver Clouds float above your head and giant Brillo boxes complete the display.
Jewish Museum St Kilda

Jewish Museum St Kilda
A comfy seat and a book on each of the 10 Jewish Geniuses awaits you as you pass through to the end of the exhibition.
I immediately went home and dug out my Warhol books to reminisce about the man, his art and his very interesting and decadent life. 
The Andy Warhol Diaries were always my favourite: Where he went, who he talked to, what they were wearing, what he ate and how much every.single.thing.cost.

This would be my diary entry:
Thursday, April 23, 2015
Dropped kids at school then went to Andy Warhol Exhibition.
Punt Road was ridiculously busy - I should have gone the back way.
Got a carpark right out the front. FREE.
Saw exhibition. $10. Need to come back another day to see all of the Museum.
Drove to Prahran Market to meet my friend. She shouted me a quiche and hot chocolate. I forgot to bring her the Easter Eggs I was going to give her. I will probably have scoffed them during a writing session by the next time I see her. Oops.
Bought some flowers for my Mother-In-Law $10.
Parking $3.50.
Drove to St Kilda Mums to drop off carload of donated goods. 
Took the scenic route home along St Kilda beach.
Picked kids up from school. 
Cooked dinner. 
Instagrammed my meal.  Got 10 likes.

Not quite as exciting as Andy's, haha. Maybe I should have spent the day driving around in a limo, wearing a Halston dress. Next time.

Jewish Museum St Kilda

Where: 26 Alma Rd, St Kilda
When: Until Tuesday, 26th May.  Tue–Thur 10am–4pm, Fri 10am–3pm, Sun 10am–5pm (closed on some Jewish Holy Days)
Why: history, art, culture
How Much: $10 (The Entertainment Book has a 2-for-1 entry to the Museum)
Nearby: St Kilda Mums

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