Saturday, May 2, 2015

Queen Victoria Market

The 'Vic Market' is one of our regular shopping haunts these days. We pack our double decker trolley (which we bought at the Market) and a few shopping bags in the boot of the car and head off to get our weekly or fortnightly fresh produce haul, depending on how much our family has devoured in that timeframe...

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne 
Our mission is to get all we need and be in and out within our one hour parking limit. 
So far, so good... 

Our first stop is the Eggporium, with more eggs than you can poke an egg beater at. Lots of organic/free range suppliers are stocked here. They also have good honey supplies.

Then we hit the Organic Section. We usually buy the bulk of our fruit and veg here, with a few dried goods as well. They offer a discount to regular customers at a couple of the stalls, which we gladly accept, but we do like to look at all the stalls as they often have a few different items and it gives all the stall holders some business.

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne
Organics Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne
I do love an apple with a few lumps and bumps and a leaf or two still attached. I'd like our kidlets to know that the food that Mother Nature grows isn't always perfectly shaped, nor smooth, nor shiny - but it does taste great and doesn't have a nasty spray on it. 
Organic produce Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne Organic produce Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

Last week, we found some stainless steel drinking straws  ($2) to replace the plastic ones at home. Our raised-in-cafes-kidlets have now reached peak hipster, but at least I can now wash and re-use the straws they like to drink their after school smoothies with. They'll probably be asking to drink out of jars now...
Steel drinking straw Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

The Delicatessen Hall has a smorgasbord of salami, cheese, bread, dips, spices, salt and more. There's always something that catches your eye as you're wandering past. We grab our favourites - Myrtleford Butter and Schulz Quark - from Bill's Farm.
Bill's Farm Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne
 Organic meats, poultry and eggs from Hagen's...
Hagen's Organic Meats Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne
...and a feast of fish from Prosser's.
Prosser's Fish Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne
Back to the car and home to throw the perishables in the fridge before school pickup. Mission accomplished!
Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

Where: Cnr Elizabeth and Victoria St, Melbourne
When: Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat from 6am, Sunday from 9. Closing times vary.
Why: fresh produce, organic, shop local
How Much: FREE entry to the Market

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