Wednesday, July 29, 2015

NGV Australia, Federation Square

With a very short amount of time before my allocated session of Bowie Is, I decided to have a quick walk through the NGV Australia, next door.
NGV Australia Melbourne 
I was thrilled to see many of my favourite Victorian towns and regions, painted by some of Australia's finest artists, such as Isa Rielly's  Waterfall at Mount Macedon and William Ford's At the Hanging Rock.

NGV Australia Melbourne
The forests of Mount Macedon always reminded me of the Frederick McCubbin paintings I had seen in books, but I had never seen the fantastic triptych, The Pioneer, in real life before.
NGV Australia Melbourne
Yosl Bergner's Walhalla is dark and dramatic, a stark contrast to the town in my mind's eye, where we spent the day a few months ago.
*note to self - must write that blog post. The place is STUNNING!
NGV Australia Melbourne

The Sidney Nolan wall lit up the entire room of the gallery - his bright reds, blues, yellows and greens bursting out of the frames, depicting scenes from regional Victoria, like the Grampians and Ballarat.

NGV Australia Melbourne
Melbourne's Oldest Chef by Arnold Shore 1934. I wonder who the Chef was...

NGV Australia Melbourne
John Brack's Collins St 5pm could have been painted yesterday, it looks so much like a regular peak hour evening in Wintry Melbourne.
So much more to see here, I must come back soon for a more relaxed visit.
NGV Australia Melbourne
p.s. Give a wave to the furry Maneki Neko (waving cat) at the bottom of the escalator.

Where: Federation Square, City
When: Tues - Sun. 10:00am-5:00pm
Why: Australian art
How Much: FREE
Nearby: David Bowie Is

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