Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Wombat Bend to Westerfolds Circuit

When the world is a little topsy turvy, it's nice to have your feet on the ground, exploring the great outdoors. 
One of my favourite places is Westerfolds Park. When my daughter was born, I pushed her around the park in a pram. When she was older, she played on the adventure playgrounds with her brother. Later, I joined a friend for weekly walks after the morning school run. 
These days, we just go there on a whim, knowing we're sure to see something interesting each visit and kids are never too old to go on a swing, a slide or a flying fox at the playground.
Sealed paths cover the entire park, allowing access for everyone on foot or on wheels. A few steep hills get your heart racing and your blood pumping, but you feel  so good afterwards.

From Wombat Bend carpark, a short walk leads to a suspension bridge crossing the Yarra. The river is very wide at this point and home to a platypus or two. The bridge is home to approximately 20,000 cockatoos. 
Just kidding. *wink*

Across the other side, a steel boardwalk takes you towards Westerfolds. A myriad
of paths meander around the place - take your pick which one you choose, as they mostly join on to main tracks.
Birdwatchers will love this place, with so many different types of birds to be found. Here's a few that I've spotted.

Ok, that last pic isn't birds, but it fits on the page. The huge mob of roos moves around a bit throughout the park. Sometimes the young males perform a morning boxing match for our entertainment . Thanks, boys!

The lovely old Westerfolds Manor sits high on the hill, with views for days. A perfectly positioned park bench nearby makes a good stop to rest for a few minutes. 

At dusk, back at Wombat Bend bridge, the cockies have gone to bed...

...but this guy is out looking for dinner and you might see him splashing about near the rapids. 

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