Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Historic Queenscliff


The sea ferry from Sorrento docked at Queenscliff Harbour and we set off to explore the historic town. 

Right next to the marina is the Observation Tower, 40 metres  in height and providing 360 degree views of the area.  Up the spiral staircase, you can see down to the marina, across to the historic jetty , black lighthouse and old fort.

Queenscliff Observation Tower views

Queenscliff Observation Tower views

Queenscliff Observation Tower views


With feet firmly back on the ground, we walked the main street of this lovely old town. Heritage buildings everywhere, including the glamorous grand dame of Queenscliff, the Vue Grand Hotel.

Queenscliff historic buildings

Queenscliff historic buildings

Queenscliff historic buildings

I love nothing more than hunting for treasures and was thrilled to find an opshop and a couple of  vintage shops. The first, Remarketable, was a huge store filled with all sorts of  bits and bobs.

Queenscliff vintage shops

The second, For Pete’s Sake, was next level on the quirkiness scale. From the outside, it appeared to be a small unassuming second hand bookstore.  

Queenscliff vintage shops books

On the inside, it was something else. 

Books stacked to the rafters. Stacked on shelves. Stacked on stacks. 

Books, books and more books. 

Queenscliff book shops

I did find one I wanted. 




Queenscliff book shops

Just kidding, I found it on the display outside the front door. With a bit more spare time, I could have spent longer perusing the shelves of this shop - but not today.


The sound of a train whistle blowing reminded us to make our way to the station for our next adventure. Toot Toot!

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