Sunday, August 8, 2021

Sorrento to Queenscliff


A spontaneous roadtrip in between lockdowns had us jumping in the  car and heading for the beach. 


art by Dvate hooded plover Sorrento

Sorrento Back Beach was bathed in glorious sunshine that day, but the icy cold winds reminded us that it was still winter. We rugged up in coats and beanies and went for a walk along the windswept sand. 

Waves crashed on to the shore as we breathed in the fresh sea air and felt the sting of the cold breeze on our faces.

Sorrento back beach

Sorrento back beach


Some kind of hover bird floated on the currents above our heads, looking intently into the dunes below for his lunch. He must have stayed there in one spot for five minutes, barely flinching a muscle before I noticed his body bend down and his tail lift high. In that split second, everything suddenly slowed down and a feeling of dread overcame me. 

Bird hovering on the wind at Sorrento beach

Before I could take a step, he pooped a big spray of white liquid to the ground below. I turned and ran, bumping into my son behind me and almost bowling him over in my rush. 


Luckily for us, a gust of wind took his flying missile with it, and blew it further along the beach.


We got in the car and drove into town for a wander down the Main Street and a bit of shopping. Then down to the front beach, where the weather was calmer and the birds weren’t dropping bombs.


Sorrento front beach clear waters

Sorrento front beach and jetty

After a short break, we boarded the SeaFerry for the short sail acrosss the bay to Queenscliff.

boarding sea ferry Sorrento to Queenscliff

sea ferry Sorrento to Queenscliff

Container ship near Sorrento

A hot chocolate from the onboard cafe warmed us up as we enjoyed the smooth sail from the outside deck. No seals or dolphins spotted this time, just a big ol' cargo ship heading in to port. 

Before we knew it, it was time to hop back in the car and explore Queenscliff.

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