Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Triplet Falls

On a warm Summer's day, this  1 hour walk through the cool rainforest is a welcome reprieve from the heat of the sun.

dirt track through rainforest

dirt track through rainforest

The walk is comprised of dirt tracks that take you through the midst of lush fern growth,  steep steps that climb into the upper rainforest  and raised boardwalks that protect the delicate forest floor.

steps through rainforest

steps in rainforest walk

boardwalk above rainforest floor

raised boardwalk in rainforest

raised boardwalk in rainforest

The falls can be heard enroute and it is always exciting to catch the first glimpse of them through the trees, before seeing them up closer from a designated viewing site.

lower cascades of waterfall

distant view of waterfalls

waterfall and tree ferns

Giant Mountain Ash reach for the clouds, no longer in danger from logging. Relics from the former sawmill site are slowly being reclaimed by Mother Nature.

very tall Mountain Ash tree

sawmill relics in rainforest

sawmill relics, rusty chain on logging truck

At the end of the walk, we came across a stunning Bower Bird. His glossy blue/black plumage gleaming in the sunshine as he went about his constant search for blue items to decorate his bower.

male Bower Bird on information sign

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