Monday, May 25, 2015

Grant's Picnic Ground, Sherbrooke

Grant's Picnic Ground is a beautiful setting for a picnic, has numerous walking tracks through the forest and a dedicated bird feeding area.

The bird feeding area was built about two years ago and is managed by Parks Victoria. The area was made to ensure that the native birds were only fed seed suitable for their wellbeing and not other foods offered by visitors, that may be harmful to the birds health.

The birds are mainly Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, with a few Crimson Rosellas and Corellas in the mix.

Grant's Picnic GroundGrant's Picnic Ground

Purchase a token from the kiosk next door, and the Parks Vic Officer will hand you a large tray with a small amount of seed in the centre.
As soon as you walk into the area, the Cockatoos are the first to feed. One landed on my tray immediately and took me by surprise with the weight of his body. These guys are well fed, that's for sure.

I barely had time to take another step before his feathered friend landed on my right arm. Then another on my left arm. Then one on my shoulder. And another on the tray.
Grant's Picnic GroundGrant's Picnic Ground
I was having a total Hitchock moment by this stage, with cockies on one arm squabbling over position and huge yellow wings flapping in my face from the birds on my other arm. Not to mention holding the tray with 2 birds on it weighing a TON!

I found I was much more comfortable placing the tray on the ground and letting them finish it without me.
I did appreciate their frangipani style formation which had a couple of my Instagram pals doing a double take. 
Grant's Picnic Ground

Where: Monbulk Rd, Sherbrooke (just before Kallista)
When: daily
Why: feed native birds
How Much: $4 for a tray of seed.

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