Thursday, September 17, 2015

Big Rock Walk, You Yangs

Heading towards the You Yangs, we had to pull over on the side of the road, so that I could jump out and take a photo of THIS.You Yangs Canola
The spectacular colour of the yellow canola that blooms in Spring can be seen for miles. It's worth the drive just to catch this stunning display.
I was listening to the radio yesterday, and someone was saying they can't believe how many people stop and take photos of the canola fields near Geelong.
Believe it, my friends, it's pretty darn Insta-worthy. No filter required.
You Yangs CanolaOnce at the carpark where the Park Office is located, we chose the shorter of the walks on a very warm morning.
Big Rock walk is an hour long circuit that goes around the Big Rock and back to the carpark via the same track. It's a good, level path with a slight incline to the rock area.
You Yangs
The rock itself was huge, and incorporated many other big rocks. Lots of folks were abseiling down its steep face, while less adventurous peeps like us clambered up the sloping side and enjoyed the sunshine.
You Yangs
Fantastic views to Geelong, with patches of yellow crops, green pastures and blue sea in between.
Rockpools in the rock, formed millions of years ago, would have provided a good water supply for the Aboriginals that lived here, even in the drier months.
You Yangs Good picnic grounds and BBQ facilities at the Big Rock Area  were incredibly busy on the Sunday morning. The first real taste of Spring warmth had folks dusting off Eskies and frisbees.
Yellow wattle was blossoming and tiny purple wildflowers were popping out of the green shrubs.You Yangs
 This itty bitty bud was bursting out of an old log.
You Yangs  
The forest of tall eucalypts looked dry - hopefully there will be a lot more rainfall before Summer begins. 
We didn't see any animals, but did hear some of the 200 species of birds in the area.  We're coming back to do the Flinders Peak Walk on a cooler morning in the near future and hope to spot some furry locals then.
You Yangs
Where: Little River
When:  Daily from 7:00am
Why: walks, nature
How Much: FREE

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