Friday, September 4, 2015

Cape Otway Lightstation

The drive to Cape Otway Lighthouse is just as interesting as the destination. Either side of the road, koalas can be seen in the trees, and keep an eye out for other road users, like these gorgeous Jersey cows getting moved from paddock to milking shed and back again.

Mooove along - nothing to see here.Cape Otway Lightstation
After climbing the historic Lighthouse tower, we set off exploring the equally interesting buildings and grounds of the Lightstation.
Jonquils were blooming in the almost Spring sunshine and the wind was blowing the colourful Maritime signal flags.
Cape Otway Lightstation
The Telegraph Station was particularly interesting, as it was the home of the Telegraph Operators and their families. Back in the day, the signal person would stand at the clifftop, looking out to a ship in distress below and relay the message being conveyed by the flags it had raised. The operator would then contact Melbourne for further information to pass back to the ship via flag.
Cape Otway Lightstation
A Morse Code telegraph machine is still inside the buiding, tap-tap-tapping out a message in dots and dashes.
A radio operator was on site on the day we visited, communicating with other Lighthouses around Australia.
The former childrens nursery is currently a museum displaying dinosaur fossils and bones from digs just west of Cape Otway.
Cape Otway Lightstation
Other old buildings like this provide a glimpse back into life at the station in years gone by...
Cape Otway Lightstation
Cape Otway Lightstation ...and the former Radar Station, built by the RAAF in 1942.
Cape Otway Lightstation
Cape Otway Lightstation

Cape Otway Lightstation A life size sculpture of a Southern Right Whale, created with local stone, is a reminder to keep an eye out on the water, for whales cruising by.
The scenery is spectacular and there is plenty to do and see at this gorgeous location.
Cape Otway Lightstation
Where: Otway Lighthouse Rd, Cape Otway
When:  Daily 9:00 am - 5:00pm
Why:history, lighthouse
How Much:$19.50
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