Monday, September 21, 2015

Royal Melbourne Show

The Royal Melbourne Show kicked off in spectacular fashion, with a weekend of glorious sunshine and warm temperatures. Don't let the cooler weather deter you from going, as there's lots to see, do and eat inside the pavilions.

We started our visit with a couple of (tame) rides, where the view was pleasant, and not upside down, or coming at our face at warp speed...
...and admired this ride from afar, our feet firmly planted on the ground.
We watched some pampered pooches...
...and saw tiny kidlets on pint-sized ponies, winning floral wreaths bigger than the rider, in the Herald Sun Arena.
Agriculture is, of course, at the heart of the show and it's great to see Victorian farmers and producers showing us city slickers where our food comes from and why they are so important. 
After seeing bright yellow fields of canola last weekend, I got my first glimpse of what the actual grain looks like. We even got to grind some different kinds of grains and watch them turn into flour. 
Ok, I think that activity was possibly aimed at kids, but it was educational for adults as well.
The Pets, Garden and Outdoor Living Pavilion has fantastic displays, like the Permaculture Garden, Backyard Chooks and lots of great ideas for improving your outdoor space at home.
When not riding rides, or watching shows - our main activity seemed to be eating. 
In the Masterchef building, the Winning Tastes exhibitors have cheese, chocolate, macarons and more, with cooking demonstrations and pop-up restaurants.
In the Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion, the Victorian Apiarists Association showcase all their sweet products from various producers, and highlight the importance of their busy little friends with a Live Bees exhibit.
Energy Safe Victoria have handy safety information leaflets for gas barbecues - just in time for those of us taking the covers off the BBQ for the first time in months.  Now to get rid of the spiders that have set up home in it...
We also scored a couple of freebies, with these handy collapsible water bottles - great for long walks this Spring..
Speaking of barbecues, I bought this Rhubarb Relish from Warrnambool's Lana's Garden. If you've never had rhubarb relish on your sausages, you're doing it all wrong. Can't wait to try this one.
I also bought a couple of foodie showbags, Super Food Ideas and Taste - 2 for $15. Both had similar products inside, with full size and samples of products like drinks, snacks, and household cleaning items, as well as a copy of the latest mag. Pretty good value, in my opinion.
Puffing Billy stand has special Show Deals on all their journeys. We saved $20 on our family ticket, and hope to head for the hills in a few weeks, for a ride on Melbourne's favourite steam train.
Back to Herald Sun Arena for some horsepower of a different kind, The Freestyle Motocross Stunt Show . We watched these daredevil riders zoom around the arena and fly through the air in an adrenaline pumping, heart thumping show.
After seeing eleventy bazillion people walking around with giant plush Kermits, Minions, Superheroes and various animals,  I decided to have one last go at winning a cool prize.
I would have settled for a Peppa Pig, and I can't stand that critter. 
Luck was not on my side, and I walked away with a plush red chilli.
p.s. at a different stand - this one appears to be a chilli-free zone.
Our last stop was the Woodchop Pavilion, where we watched three teams of 2 women saw through huge logs. Then, a 10 year old boy wowed us with his skills, chopping a log on which he stood, the axe slicing into the wood between his feet. The men were prepping for the tree felling event, but we missed the actual competition. 
Actually, I lied. Our last stop was the donut truck in the carpark, where we stuffed our faces with these sweet, hot, sugary, jammy, fried balls of heaven, which I shall call the sho-nut. The perfect end to a fun day at the show.
Where: Showgrounds
When:  Daily from 10:00am
Why: food, agriculture, food, fun, did I mention food?
How Much: Ticket prices vary

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