Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Grand Duke Mine, Timor

Once a thriving community fuelled by gold fever, these days there's not much left to show that the town of Timor ever existed.
Grand Duke Mine, TimorAt its peak, Timor had a population of over 27,00 and boasted a whopping 38 hotels. The last of the hotels closed in the 60's and the General Store stopped trading in 1997.
Grand Duke Mine, Timor

Over at the Grand Duke Historic Reserve, the remains of a huge granite archway stands where a mine once operated.
Grand Duke Mine, Timor
Grand Duke Mine, TimorThe wall was built to support huge machinery that pumped water out of the mines to allow easier access to the gold within the ground beneath.
Grand Duke Mine, TimorThe mine operated for  27 years, from 1969 - 1896 and produced over 6000kg of gold - worth about $200 million in today's market.
When the mine closed, many of the townspeople left the area and the decline of Timor began.
Grand Duke Mine, Timor We explored the area around the mine, where mounds of dirt and rusting relics of machinery show the signs of the former life of the mine.
Grand Duke Mine, TimorOther historical locations nearby include the Timor Cemetery and the Timor Goldfields Gaol. About 8km North of Maryborough, the town is worth a visit for a peek into a bygone era, as are the other tiny towns in the vicinity.
Grand Duke Mine, Timor What:Grand Duke Mine
Where: Grand Duke Mine Rd, Timor
When: Daily
Why: history
How Much: FREE to walk around and explore
Nearby: Carisbrook Log Gaol

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