Saturday, October 15, 2016

Flinders Peak, You Yangs

On a crisp, sunny Spring morning, we set off to climb the highest point of the You Yangs - Flinders Peak.
A steady climb of 450 steps and some steep pathways led to the place where Matthew Flinders once stood, surveying the land below.
The new Spring growth was appearing, out of seemingly impossible nooks and crannies of granite boulders and wildflowers were popping up all over the place.
Flinders Peak, You YangsFlinders Peak, You YangsWhen the urge hit to stop and go find a cafe instead take a breather, some inspiration from this boulder made us keep going. Thanks, Rock!Flinders Peak, You Yangs

Another word of encouragement came from some hikers coming back down, who told us to look out for a koala on our right.
Sure enough, there he was - in the best seat in the house, a gum overlooking the fields to Geelong and Westernport Bay. He woke up for a few minutes to say Hi to us, before nodding off again. Tough gig.
Flinders Peak, You Yangs

We also found the second best seat in the house.  But I didn't stop - that Rock had guilted me. Keep Going, I did.
Flinders Peak, You Yangs
Upon reaching the peak, we soaked up the views all around...
Flinders Peak, You Yangs
...from the city skyline and mountain ranges...

Flinders Peak, You Yangs the city of Geelong and its industrial estates and harbour, and the green and gold fields between us.
Flinders Peak, You YangsWe stopped at the second lookout on the way down, where we admired the geoglyph of Bunjil,  the eagle.
Flinders Peak, You Yangs1500 tonnes of rock were used to create the form of the mythical bird, completed in 2006.
Flinders Peak, You Yangs

Back at the carpark - we had a quick rest before heading off for a picnic at Serendip Sanctuary. I'll tell you about that in the next post. 
P.s. The facilities at the Lower Carpark are a much better choice than the long drop at the Turntable.

What: Flinders Peak Walk, You Yangs
Where: Turntable Drive

When: Daily 8am - 4:30 (closes at 6pm on weekends)
Why: walks, nature
How much: FREE

Nearby: Serendip Sanctuary, Lara

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