Monday, August 23, 2021

Kennett River

We set off up Grey River Road in search of koalas. The sealed road soon turned into gravel as we climbed higher through the eucalyptus forest.

Grey River Road gravel road through forest

Grey River Road gravel road through  forest

One set of eyes on the road, another 3 sets of eyes peeled for furry critters in the tall gum trees either side of the road.

"There's one!"

"No, its a nest."

"I see one!"

"No, it's a branch."

"Is that one?"

"No, it's a bird."

At Grey River Reserve, we stopped for a short walk through the forest. The smell of eucalyptus filled our noses and the sound of birdsongs filled the air. 

A few King Parrots and a Kookaburra, but no Koalas.

kookaburra sitting on ground

We sat down at the Grey River Reserve picnic area, for a drink and a snack. A beautiful, peaceful setting in a clearing, surrounded by dense forest.Feeling a little disappointed that we hadn't spotted a koala, we headed back to the car.

picnic  area in forest clearing

One last look up before getting in the car and there he was. 

koala sitting in tree
Leaving him to his very busy day, we headed back to town. The views on the way back were spectacular, stretching for miles along the coast from the mouth of the Kennett River. 
Next - off chasing waterfalls.

views of coastline

views of coastline

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