Sunday, March 1, 2015

Blue Lotus Water Garden, Yarra Junction

The front of Blue Lotus Water Garden looks similar to other nurseries I have seen - until you get inside and discover a whopping 14 acres of water gardens, lakes, ponds, walking trails and plants.

We took the path to the right, and checked out the main attraction, the Giant Amazon Lily - the world's largest water lily. They grow to around 4ft in diameter and have enormous flowers that only last 48 hours. 
I wonder how big the Amazon frogs are...

Blue Lotus Water GardenThe Yarra River Trail follows the Little Yarra River alongside the park. It's like a  tropical oasis, with giant banana palms,native trees and ferns and sweetly perfumed flowers.
Blue Lotus Water Garden

Look for platypus and yabbies in the river and koalas in the giant Manna Gums.
Blue Lotus Water Garden
The setting is spectacular, with the mountains in the background and the trees and bridges reflecting in the tranquil water.
Blue Lotus Water Garden
Picnic facilities and coin operated BBQs on site. 

Pack a baguette and a big chunk of brie and imagine yourself in Monet's Garden for lunch.
Blue Lotus Water Garden

The nursery sells a variety of lotus plants, lilies and other flowering plants, for you to create your own masterpiece at home.

Where:2628 Warburton Highway, Yarra Junction 
When:Daily 10:30am to 5pm until 7th April, 2015 
Why:plants, flowers, gardens, nursery, walks, experience
How Much:$16

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