Monday, October 12, 2015

Arrow Rest Archery, Bayswater

For something a little different, we booked into a Have a Go at Archery Session. I'd tried archery once before, but it was so long ago, I don't remember much about it at all. Bows, arrows, something, something.

The venue was a factory in an industrial park in Bayswater. Not what we expected, but in we went, nervously excited at the experience we were about to have inside.

It was just the two of us here for the 1:00pm session, so it was good to get one on one guidance and tips from Peter, the owner/instructor. Our 70 minute lesson was the perfect length of time for a beginner session.
Arrow Rest ArcheryWe were given our bows and three arrows each. Safety procedures were explained and then we were shown how to hold the bow, position our grip, focus on our posture,  maintain a comfortable stance and release the arrow. 
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 
Or not.
Arrow Rest ArcheryThe targets were set up in 2 rows, one above the other. We started with the bottom targets, focusing on an area just in front of the target. Lo and behold, we actually hit right near where we were aiming. 
Arrow Rest ArcheryArm sleeves protected our forearm from getting scraped by the bow as the arrow was released. My hand was hurting a little as I almost squeezed the life out of my bow, so Peter quickly showed me how to position my hand  differently, to avoid further issues.
Other than that, the activity was safe and a lot of fun.

Not bad for a novice. If I do say so myself.
Arrow Rest Archery
Our confidence building, we aimed for the higher row of targets, with equally good success as the lower level.
Arrow Rest Archery
Wooden longbows were added to our arsenal, but these proved harder to use and we soon returned to the more familiar, and more comfortable, recurve bows that we began with.
Arrow Rest Archery
The 18 metre indoor shooting range was a good sized area, allowing us to move between 2 lines on the floor as our aim improved. 
Ok, our aim  didn't actually improve much, but most of our arrows made it onto the target area, and we managed to not shoot the walls, our instructor, or each other. 
I was pretty chuffed with that result, just quietly.
Arrow Rest Archery
Where: 12/21 Power Road Bayswater
When:  Daily - various session times
How Much: $20

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