Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Public Art Walk, Dandenong

I hadn't been to Dandenong for many, many years - and didn't really have any reason to go - when I found a Public Art tour happening during the recent school holidays. 
Ok, it was for kids. 
And I took mine. 
And they loved it. 
But I think I loved it just a bit more...
We started from the new Harmony Square  and walked down Halpin Way towards Mason St. Heavy gold chain links were scattered along the footpath.
Public Art, DandenongTo our left was Little India, where Indian fashion stores, sweet shops and popular restaurants sit side by side. 
To our right, these giant Scrabble letters sat outside an old building.
Public Art, Dandenong
The Afghani section around Walker St had my tummy rumbling for a taste of this delicious cuisine - on my next visit, hopefully.
Public Art, Dandenong
In the Thomas St carpark, the lift door opened to reveal the elevator interior transformed into a work of art. Pixel People, featuring the faces of local people,  were aplenty around Ewart Lane.
Public Art, Dandenong
State of the art modern architecture was a sight to behold.
Public Art, DandenongThe century old former Town Hall - now home to the Drum Theatre -  still stands proudly in the heart of Dandenong, alongside its shiny new neighbours.
The tour was fun and informative and gave me a good glimpse into the new, revitalised Dandenong and all that it has to offer. The art pieces are ever changing, and I will probably find a whole different set of works on my next visit.
Public Art, DandenongThe walk back to the car was just as good, with the stunning Spring blooms of the Rotary Park dazzling us with their colours.
Public Art, Dandenong
I didn't realise how much 'Dandy' has changed in the past 10 years.  I was thrilled to find a colourful, vibrant,  melting pot of cultures, restaurants, arts and architecture and can't wait to come back and discover some more Public Art, the Market and Heritage Hill.

Where: Halpin Way, Dandenong
When:  Daily - self guided
Why: public art, culture
How Much: FREE
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