Monday, August 3, 2015

Bushranger's Bay Walk, Cape Schanck

A small carpark on the side of Boneo Rd was where this adventure began - the Boneo Rd to Bushrangers Bay section of the Two Bays Walking Track.Bushranger's Bay

Bushranger's Bay
There's not much at the carpark  besides a few picnic tables... 
Bushranger's Bay ...and a few kangaroos.
Bushranger's Bay
The neighbouring farm and its spectacular location had me daydreaming of a seachange. Or at least setting up a tent on the hillside overlooking the ocean below.
Bushranger's Bay One solitary tree stood in the middle of the lush green pastures and a dirt road made its way down to the ocean.
Luckiest cows in the world, I reckon.
Bushranger's Bay The track was mostly flat, with a few rocks and tree roots along the way. Many other paths crossed ours along the way - we figured they were 'roo tracks heading to and from the farm.
Bushranger's Bay
Bushranger's Bay
We climbed down a wooden staircase that leads to the beach...
Bushranger's Bay
..and was rewarded with a gorgeous beach, tidal inlet and great views.
Elephant Rock to the left...
Bushranger's Bay ...Cape Schanck to the right, another 2.6km along the track...
Bushranger's Bay ...and a big ol' stretch of wild surf inbetween. 
Apparently the place is named after a couple of bushrangers who arrived by ship from Tasmania, and landed here.
Bushranger's Bay The basalt rocks, with their rusty colours and eroded crevices, reminded me of Wilsons Prom.
Bushranger's Bay
We hung around for about an hour, then began the walk back to the carpark. Along the way we confirmed the ownership of those tracks that crossed ours - as our walk coincided with peak hour traffic - kangaroo style.
Thump. Thump. Thump.
Noises in the bushes to our right signaled the arrival of a small group of 'roos at an intersection. 
There was a bit of "you go first" , "no, you go first" and "no, Skip, I insist". This went on for a few minutes - neither of us brave enough to proceed.
Eventually, we took a few steps back and they went on their way. This happened about 6 more times along the track. Some were braver than others and just barrelled on through, others were more courteous and waited until we had passed by. 
I'm looking forward to tackling the other end of the track another day.
Bushranger's Bay
Where: Boneo Rd (near Cape Schanck)
When: Daily
Why: Walks, wildlife
How Much: FREE
Nearby: Cape Schanck Lighthouse

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