Monday, August 3, 2015

Cape Schanck Lighthouse Museum and Walking Trails

After our tour of the Cape Schanck Lighthouse, we were free to explore the Museum and walking trails of the lighthouse grounds.
The Museum was  interesting, telling the history of the lighthouse, the Keepers throughout the years and the shipwrecks nearby.
Cape Schanck Lighthouse Cape Schanck Lighthouse
The trail is narrow, and there are a few tree roots on the path, (I may have tripped over...twice, if you really must know...too busy looking out to sea and not watching where I'm going), but worth the short walk for the spectacular views of both the Lighthouse and buildings, and the coast in both directions.
Cape Schanck Lighthouse Cape Schanck Lighthouse
Cape Schanck Lighthouse
Cape Schanck Lighthouse Picnic tables and a BBQ are available for a BYO lunch.
There are also 4 buildings on the grounds, all available as accommodation. Putting that on my to-do-list. How ace, to look out your door at night and see that huge beam pointing out to sea!
Cape Schanck Lighthouse
As we were leaving in the late afternoon, we looked up at the Lighthouse one more time, and caught a glimpse of it guiding a cargo ship out to the safety of the open waters.
Where: 420 Cape Schanck Road, Cape Schanck
When: Daily 10:00am-4:00pm
Why: Lighthouse, history
How Much: $16.50  (Lighthouse Tour cost - admission to Museum and grounds included)
Nearby: Bushrangers Bay Walk

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