Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rivoli Cinema, Camberwell

The grand old dame of Camberwell, the Heritage Listed Rivoli has always been a favourite cinema of mine.
Rivoli Camberwell
The beautiful Art Deco architecture both inside and out, evokes memories of old school Hollywood glamour.
Rivoli CamberwellA gorgeous curved staircase, retro furniture and plush red velvet curtains give a warm and welcoming feel to the cinema. On the day we visited, an artist was painstakingly restoring the colours of the mosaic floor tiles in the foyer.
Rivoli Camberwell
Rivoli Camberwell
Rivoli Camberwell 
I love Australian films and Last Cab to Darwin was showing, so in we went. What a fantastic film. Michael Caton is brilliant in the lead role, as are each and every one of the supporting cast. A poignant story, with lots of giggles along the way and stunning cinematography had me captivated for the duration of the film.
I also underestimated the quantity of tissues required and had to do a mid-film tissue run, to cope with the 10 litres of tears I shed.  
Kudos to all involved with the making of this incredible (true) story.

Rivoli Camberwell
Where:200 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell
Why: architecture, cinema
How Much:  Ticket prices vary - see here for special offers.

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