Thursday, January 21, 2016

Alexandra Tramway Museum

Our visit to Alexandra was short and sweet. The lovely lady at the Visitor Centre told us a few different places of interest to visit in the area, but with only an hour or so to spare, we gathered a pile of brochures for next time and headed off to the Tramway Museum.
Alexandra Tramway Museum
Once the town Railway Station, the Museum in now a fantastic collection of steam, diesel and petrol engines and carriages, as well as a historic display of the timber and logging industry.
Alexandra Tramway Museum 
The entry fee allowed us to explore the grounds, inside the Museum and do a 3 lap ride on an old  train.

Alexandra Tramway MuseumThe little train took us past old wheels, tracks, information boards and these old huts in the centre of the circuit, which are replicas of the single men's huts used in local forest sawmills.Alexandra Tramway Museum
The amount of engines on display was amazing. 
From this fab old tractor...
Alexandra Tramway this cool old Bedford truck, which is now being lovingly restored.
Alexandra Tramway MuseumIn a timber town like "Alex', it's no surprise that there are some talented woodworkers around. A group of them have formed a Guild, whose workshop is located inside a large shed on the grounds of the Museum.
They practise their art and teach others this wonderful woodworking magic, turning lumps of timber into bowls, plates, and household items. They also make these bilibies for charity. We chose a cute little guy with lovely lines on his face. I think he's smiling.
Alexandra Tramway Museum
The Museum is also a good spot to start or finish the Rail Trail, which goes to either its end in Mansfield; or to Yea, where it extends all the way to Tallarook.
Alexandra Tramway MuseumThe clock was ticking, so we packed our brochures in the car, and bid farewell to Alexandra - until next time. 

What: Alexandra Tramway Museum
Where: Station St, Alexandra
When: Museum open and train services on 2nd and 4th Sundays and some Public Holidays, but you can wander around the grounds every day.
Why: historic railway, timber industry
How Much: $5.00 on open days

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