Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mirimbah Park

Mirimbah, at the base of Mt Buller is a must-visit destination for many reasons.  On the way to Buller, it's the only fuel stop before you start the ascent up the mountain. It's also the place to load yourself and your mountain bike on the $20 shuttle bus, in order to access all the trails up there.
Delatite River at Mirimbah ParkOn your descent it's an even better place to stop, as the heat from a Summer day in the Valley below has the mercury rising much higher than the cool Alpine temps on the mountain and the sound of the water flowing over the rocks of the Delatite River is like a siren song.
Delatite River at Mirimbah Park 
Once you dip your toes in that cool mountain water, it's very hard to get out.
Delatite River at Mirimbah Park
We found ourselves a nice big rock to sit on and spent the next hour just chillin' in the river.
Delatite River at Mirimbah Park
The smooth river pebbles were great for throwing in the water, seeing who could make the biggest splash......and the small flat rocks had us competing for the best stone skimming distance. I managed 4 skips!
Delatite River at Mirimbah ParkWe shared the river with others who were swimming, and floating down the rapids on tubes. Some had actually lifted rocks aside to create a narrow path a good distance down the river, just wide enough to fit an inflatable tube/donut through.
Delatite River at Mirimbah ParkThis guy wasn't doing anything too strenuous, just sitting around looking pretty...Delatite River at Mirimbah Park
Cyclists were also plentiful along the banks, having just hurtled the 12km down the Delatite  or Klingsporn trails of Mt Buller, crossing log bridges along the way before arriving here at the park to relax and revive before jumping in their cars parked nearby, or taking the shuttle back up to do it all again.
Delatite River at Mirimbah ParkThe park itself was a great place to stop for a picnic, with good facilities, lots of shady trees and big grassy lawn areas. 
Delatite River at Mirimbah Park
What: Mirimbah Park
Where: Mt Buller Rd, Mirimbah
When: Daily
Why: river, picnic
How Much: FREE during Summer
Nearby: Summer at Mt Buller

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