Monday, January 11, 2016

Summer at Mt Buller

I'd never considered visiting Mt Buller in Summer before, thinking there wouldn't be a lot to do outside of the snow season.
Boy, was I wrong.
We arrived at about 9:30 am, after a short, scenic drive from Mansfield.
Summer Mt Buller

That fresh mountain air.
That sunshine. 
Those views. Mountains that go on forever. Layer upon layer upon layer.
Summer at Mt Buller

The moment we parked the car - right in the village - we met the first of many friendly and extremely helpful Mt Buller staff members. He pointed us to the Post Office/Visitor Centre where we were given maps of walking trails, sculpture park guides, and a suggested itinerary for our day on the mountain.

We explored the Village and its unique art..
Summer at Mt Buller ...saw smooth-skinned snow gums, usually covered with a white blanket of snow...
Summer at Mt Buller
...admired the stunning colours of the wildflowers that covered the ground...
Summer at Mt Buller
...and felt like we were on top of the world as we climbed the steps at the Summit.
Summer at Mt Buller
Summer at Mt Buller
Summer at Mt Buller

Most people were here for the fantastic mountain biking trails and there was plenty of cyclists  making the most of the great facilities.
The modular Pump Track is a small circuit right in the village, for bikes, blades, skateboards and scooters.
Summer at Mt Buller
We had spotted a shuttle bus at the base of the mountain, taking riders and their bikes to the top, where they would make their way down the Delatite River Trail, back to Mirimbah. 
We didn't take any bikes with us, but watching them hurtle down the 3km Copperhead Trail was enough of an adrenaline rush for me, just quietly.
The Northside Chairlift provided our entertainment for the day, as we sat in the comfort of our chair, taking in the views and watching the heart thumping twists and turns happening below us.

While the temperature down in Mansfield was soaring to a top of 34 degrees, up here it was a perfect, sunny 23 degrees, with a lovely cool breeze blowing across the ranges. 
We had a fantastic day, in fact it was...Bonza.
What: Mt Buller
Where: via Mansfield
When: Northside Chairlift 10am-4pm daily until Jan 26.
Why: High Country mountains
How Much: FREE entry to village, Chairlift fees apply.

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