Thursday, December 3, 2015

Healthways Bowl, Mont Albert

I recently visited Healthways Recreation Centre for a bowling afternoon, and I think I have found my new favourite sporting activity.
Healtthways Bowl Mont Albert
I love bowling.
I love the thud of the ball as it hits the boards.
Healtthways Bowl Mont Albert

I love the rumble as it rolls along the shiny surface towards its target.
Healtthways Bowl Mont Albert
I love the crash as the ball knocks the pins down.
Healtthways Bowl Mont Albert
Ok, so you can tell by my scores, that there wasn't a whole lotta crashing going on, nor pins getting knocked down, but I did get one strike. 
And it was fabulous.

I even love those daggy shoes. 
Healtthways Bowl Mont Albert
So I'm not great at bowling. Not even really good at it. But I do find it to be loads of fun and it's the perfect activity to do with a friend, or two, or as a work team building exercise.
Healtthways Bowl Mont Albert
Healthways was the first bowling alley in Victoria, built in 1961, and remains Australia's longest running bowling lanes. I think it's the retro/modern look that really appealed to me - a reminder of watching all those Happy Days episodes when I was a kid.
Eight lanes recently renovated, all looking shiny and new,  with glow in the dark lights. Open for casual play, team bowling, parties and functions.
I'll be putting on those daggy shoes again, very soon 
What: Healthways Bowl
Where: 1-11 Arcade Road, Mont Albert North
When:  Daily
Why: bowling
How Much: $14.50

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