Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Waterways and Whales, Warrnambool

Just out of Warrnambool, Hopkins Falls is worth a look. Situated amongst lush green farmland, it's a short walk from the carpark to the viewing area. In late Spring/early Summer, young eels begin their long journey from here, as they head to the Coral Sea for spawning.
Hopkins Falls, WarrnamboolWarrnambool River Cruises take you up and down the Hopkins River, looking at properties either side and giving a full commentary along the way. 
I think Oddball the dog lives along here, as I read that he fell in the river recently and had to be rescued by a passerby. 
Thinking he's a penguin, maybe? Just kidding....
Warrnambool River Cruise
Speaking of Oddball, the sheltered and often shallow water at the mouth of the Merri River is great for a splash on a hot day, with Middle Island as your backdrop. You can do tours to the island at low tide.
Middle Island,Warrnambool
Middle Island,Warrnambool
Middle Island,Warrnambool
The foreshore has patrolled beaches, good for riding the waves and soaking up some sunshine.
Warrnambool Beach
Logans Beach, Warrnambool
Further along, over Hopkin's River, Logan's Beach is the perfect spot to see a whale or two in Winter. We've stood in the rain for an hour, mesmerised by the sight of mother whales and calves rolling around in the waves just off shore. Put it on your bucket list.
I can't find my photos, taken with a phone, so I possibly deleted them due to having to squint to make out the dark shapes in the water. I'll take the 'good camera' next time. 

And high above Lake Pertobe, at Cannon Hill, is where you catch a stunning sunrise at the end of the day. Nice, huh?
Lots of things to do around the lake, like exploring the walking trails and hiring paddle boats. Good place to catch the NYE fireworks display, too - if you happen to be in town on that night.
Lake Pertobe, Warrnambool

What: Warrnambool
Where: Around Warrnambool
When: Daily
Why: waterways
How Much: Prices Vary

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