Friday, August 28, 2015

Beauchamp Falls, Beech Forest

Beauchamp Falls was our first stop in the Otways. Arriving at the carpark/picnic ground, there was only one other car there, so it was nice to  have the place pretty much to ourselves. A huge forest bordered the carpark.
Beauchamp Falls, Beech ForestA 90 minute return walk was ahead of us as we set off down the track. The path was a slight decline to the falls and we had to climb over fallen branches along the way.
Beauchamp Falls, Beech Forest
The rushing water of the 25 metre drop could be heard as we got to the steps that led to the viewing platform. From our position near the middle of the falls, we could see the water cascading into a large pool at the base.
Beauchamp Falls, Beech ForestBeauchamp Falls, Beech Forest

Beauchamp Falls, Beech Forest
The Deppeler Creek runs alongside the track, giant tree ferns line the path and Mountain Ash tower into the sky above.
Beauchamp Falls, Beech ForestThe trees still had their thick Winter coat on and it was fairly cool in the forest, as the sun barely penetrates through the thick canopy.
Beauchamp Falls, Beech Forest
Beauchamp Falls, Beech Forest 
In the middle of the path on the return (uphill) walk, we spotted this guy - a rare Otway Black Snail, found only in the Otways.
I carefully picked him up with some leaves and placed him on a log, out of harm's way. Then I remembered he's carnivorous and I got out of there before he started chewing on my leg. 
Beauchamp Falls, Beech Forest

Where:Aire Valley Road, Beech Forest
When: Daily
Why:waterfalls, walks
How Much: FREE  
Nearby:  Hopetoun Falls

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