Thursday, August 13, 2015

Petty's Orchard to Fitzsimon's Lane Walk

This time, we turned left at the Main Yarra Trail out the back of Petty's Orchard and headed towards Eltham. 
The morning dewdrops on the pine trees reminded me of those fibre optic lamps from the 80's, with the lights on the end that change colours.

Pettys Orchard
The Yarra River was fast and furious in some parts...
Yarra River Templestowe...and tranquil as an outback billabong in other sections.Yarra River Templestowe
We crossed the bridge where the sky meets the water, and headed towards Eltham Lower Park...
Yarra River Templestowe
...along Homestead Rd - where we met this guy...
Fitzsimons Lane Eltham
 ...and back on the trail at Fitzsimons Lane to Candlebark Park, where we met this fun-gi. 
Yep - another mushroom photo.
Candlebark Park TemplestoweGravel tracks and wooden boardwalks are good for walking and cycling. Dogs on lead allowed. Kangaroos galore in the grasslands and a duck in a tree, pretending to be a kookaburra. 
Had me fooled.
 The return walk to Petty's took about an hour.
Pettys Orchard Templestowe

Pettys Orchard Templestowe

Where: Petty's Orchard, Templestowe
Why: Walks, nature
How Much: FREE

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